Telltale Games is reportedly shutting down

Reports have begun circulating that Telltale Games, the studio best known for narrative adventure titles like the Walking Dead, will soon shut down. There’s yet to be an official statement from the company, but based on information so far it appears that around 90% of the studio’s 250 employees have been laid off, and Telltale will shut down entirely following the conclusion of The Walking Dead.

Multiple employees shared the news that they are no longer with the company earlier today, and based on shows of support around social media from fellow developers and others in the know, it immediately appeared this was much more than just a round of layoffs.

A report from The Verge suggests the studio is downsizing to about 25 employees. That number is backed up by journalist Jeffrey Grub on Twitter, who says that’s down from 250 employees – so it appears 90% of the studio is affected.

An anonymous source tells USGamer reports this small crew is in place to finish the final season of The Walking Dead, after which the studio will shut down altogether. This source says that Telltale has filed for bankruptcy, and projects like The Wolf Among Us 2 and Stranger Things are effectively cancelled.

Another source tells Dot Esports that the currently affected employees have been released without severance. The news appears to have hit the studio itself suddenly, as well – the last word from the official Twitter account was only three hours ago as of this post.

We have reached out to Telltale for further information.


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