TERA Dev Shares Development and Update Roadmap for Month of May

En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studios’ MMORPG TERA Online released on consoles exactly around a month ago, and the developer will start rolling out updates throughout this month to keep players busy with new content, special modes and double experience for accomplishing certain tasks.

Yesterday, on May 1st, the first Item Pass delivery kicked off. Not only that, a new 5-player dungeon was added to the game. Next week, players should prepare themselves for a 20 vs. 20 battle on a level 65 battleground, Corsairs’ Stronghold. Here is the detailed update roadmap for May.

May 1
We’re kicking off the month with the first Item Pass delivery, plus a new dungeon: Lilith’s Keep (Hard): a 5—player dungeon for level 65 characters. (Lilith’s Keep is designed for characters with item level 417 or higher.)

May 8
Queue up! It’s time for a 20 v 20 rumble! Corsairs’ Stronghold is a level 65 PvP battleground, featuring a best—of—three siege mode, which puts one team inside the titular fortress to defend while the other team attacks it—then switches the roles in the next round.

May 18–27
For these 10 days in May, each and every monster you kill—both in the open world, and in dungeons—awards you double the normal experience!

May 22
For the last week of May, we’re introducing Ruinous Manor (Hard)—which is part of the same storyline that led you to Lilith’s Keep. This is also a 5—player dungeon for level 65 characters; designed for characters with a minimum item level of 422.

May looks like a busy month for TERA Online players.


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