The Attack on Titan 2 ESRB Rating Revealed

The Attack on Titan 2 release is a couple of months away, which means the ESRB rating is out.

As expected, the title received a Mature rating by the ESRB, mainly due to strong language, “exposed buttocks” and Titans eating human characters’ limbs. Unlike most ESRB rating descriptions, Attack on Titan 2’s didn’t reveal any story or hinted at information we don’t know yet.

This is an action-adventure game based on the characters and events of the series Attack on Titan. Players assume the role of a young soldier who, along with a unit, battles giant man-eating titans that threaten towns and villages. As characters fly around battlefields with wired jetpacks, they use swords to cut off titans’ limbs, killing them with a slash at the back of the neck. Battles are highlighted by large splashes of blood when titans are hit; finishing blows often result in larger blood-splatter effects, staining the environment and the camera. Titans are sometimes depicted eating human characters, and in one instance, biting off a character’s limb. Throughout the game, Titans are depicted nude, with exposed buttocks, though they lack discernible genitalia. The word “sh*t” appears in the dialogue.

Attack on Titan 2 releases in March 15 for PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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