The CW Developing Gaming Industry Drama GG

GG (Goodgame) is a new drama centered around the video game industry, now in-development from The CW. According to Deadline, the series will encompass one-hour episodes, centered on a female protagonist working in the industry. Given the male-dominated nature of the gaming industry, the character will encounter resistance to her development skills, but the series will feature comedic elements, as well. The show will be the first project from production company OptIn, which was launched by J Moses and Kim Moses. Previously, Kim Moses has served as an executive producer on shows like Ghost Whisperer and Reckless, while J Moses is a director at Take-Two Interactive, where he greenlit the original Grand Theft Auto.

“GG fully captures the challenges of women continuing to fight for recognition in the gaming world,” Kim Moses told Deadline. “To tell this story, J and I could not be more thrilled to be working alongside the immensely talented Debbie Liebling and Daisy Gardner, as well as The CW and CBSTV.”

Given some of the prominent issues women in gaming have encountered, a series centered around a woman working in the industry certainly has a lot of potential! GG (Goodgame) could help shine a light on issues of harassment that women in gaming have been forced to endure, and give viewers a better idea of what happens behind-the-scenes of game development. A lot of women have shaped the video game industry and continue to do so, including Amy Hennig, Gail Tilden, and Rieko Kodama, to name but a few. GG (Goodgame) could go a long way towards making audiences more aware of that fact.

There are a number of other topics around the industry that could also benefit from the increased spotlight. It will be interesting to see if the series touches on issues such as development crunch. The video game industry has grown in major ways over the last decade, thanks in part to the growth of streaming and esports. As such, the timing seems perfect for this sort of project.

“Our mission at OptIn is to integrate technology into entertainment in a way that reflects our daily lives,” J Moses told Deadline. “Our first series demonstrates this intent, as GG bridges the two industries at a time when engagement for both is surging rapidly.”

As of this writing, no release window has been announced for the series.

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