The Elder Scrolls VI Currently In Pre-Production

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Since Bethesda had released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, fans have been pleading for news regarding the next major installment. Years later we finally received a confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI is in development. However, very little information was revealed for the upcoming game which is leaving many of us wondering just when the title will be released.

It was announced during Bethesda’s E3 press conference that there are two video games in the production that are aimed to be next generation titles. The first was Starfield which is an unknown video game at the moment but the title releasing after Starfield will in fact be The Elder Scrolls VI.

Only a very short teaser was shown for the video game. Really, all we got was a glimpse of a landscape but its enough to get excited for as Bethesda is finally dropping new Skyrim ports and will instead focus work on the next installment.

While we didn’t get any details regarding the narrative or gameplay mechanics, Bethesda director did bring up the title once again during an interview with Geoff Keighley. The question came up as to how far the development process is when it comes to The Elder Scrolls VI. Todd Howard alerted Geoff that the game is still very much in pre-production which means that not even the development team can enjoy a playable copy at the moment.

Instead, the development studio is working on other projects before the full focus is started for the sixth main installment to the franchise. Likewise, because Todd Howard stated that Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI is a next generation game, we will probably not see the title release on current generation consoles.

So far only Microsoft had announced during their press conference event that the company is working on the next generation Xbox consoles but no further details were discussed.


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