The Hearthstone Felfire Festival Continues With A New Solo Adventure And Demon Hunters Receive Yet Another Nerf

There is quite a bit going on in Hearthstone this week as the Felfire Festival continues in full swing. While the event began in early June with a legendary quest line and Battlegrounds related content, now the five-chapter solo adventure is available for play. As of June 17, players can dive into the story of Aranna Starseeker, younger sister of Elise Starseeker – most well-known for her antics among the League of Explorers.

Aranna will need to team up with a wide range of allies, including Illadan Stormrage, to take on Mecha-Jaraxxus. Completing all five chapters is well worth the time for completionists, as a special card back is awarded in the end. We are also about to see the launch of the Trial by Felfire Challenges, which unlock on June 24. Players will make their own decks here to take on the worst that Outland has to offer and completing all challenges will award a Golden Kael’thas Sunstrider.


In ranked play, Blizzard keeps working towards bringing the Demon Hunter class down into line with others. The most recent patch may have finally done that in targeting Twin Slice with a significant, but perfectly reasonable nerf. The change will see the card cost 1 mana, up from zero, in both its initial form and the Second Slice card added to a player’s hand. Both cards will now provide players with +2 Attack Power for the turn, up from one.

It is genuinely surprising to see that this change took as long as it did to occur, because Blizzard’s design team has always said throughout the years that zero-cost cards are incredibly limiting due to the potential for combos and unbalanced tempo gain. Anyone who has played against a Demon Hunter can attest to the frustration of seeing their early board so easily dealt with thanks to Twin Slice, while not costing the opposing player any loss in tempo to develop their own board.


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As for watching competitive Hearthstone, there is quite a bit to choose from this week. The Battlegrounds Brawl event will take place on Tuesday, June 23 at noon EDT, with 16 invited players on 4 teams duking it out in Battlegrounds mode for a $200,000 prize pool, and readers can click here to check it out live.

Later this week, the finals of Season 4 of Aspirant Hearthstone will be held Sunday, June 28, and can be streamed live here.

Finally, the Hearthstone World Championship has not had an official change in its date despite the global pandemic and remains scheduled for November. However, since BlizzCon has been cancelled, it will likely be held online, or at another location depending on how the pandemic evolves in the coming months.

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