The Last of Us Part II E3 2018 Trailer Released

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A brand new trailer was shown off for The Last of Us Part II that showcases Ellie in a town that seems to be thriving along with being in a relationship with an unknown girl at this point. Within the trailer, we also get a transition to some actual gameplay footage of Ellie stealthily taking out a hostile group.

Visually the game is rather stunning as Ellie seamlessly eliminates the hostile enemies, leaps for cover, and dashes throughout the in-game world. Luckily for gamers, there appears to be an indicator showcasing if the enemy is able to see your location or if they are about to be attacked.

Crafting is also making a return to The Last of Us Part 2 though it remains to be seen how much has changed in terms of crafting items.Unfortunately there was no sign of Joel during The Last of Us Part 2 trailer.

Currently there is no word on when The Last of Us Part II will release.


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