The Masters of Doom Cast Announced

The Doom series took off and is still thriving today. We’re sure you are all familiar with the 2016 reboot of Doom that had incredible success in markets worldwide. Now the sequel, Doom Eternal is gearing up for a release that we’re sure will do just as well if not better than the 2016 title launch. At any rate, it doesn’t come to much surprise that more projects would emerge about the series and one of them was just greenlit for a TV pilot. 

Known as the Masters of Doom, the video game television series will follow the story of the creators behind the game, John Carmack and John Romero. These two individuals had their ups and downs as they burst into the video game industry which the television series will likely unfold as it airs. Right now, the series has been picked up by the USA Network and until now, we were not sure who would be cast for the television series. 

Taking on the role of John Romero is Eduardo Franco while John Carmack will be portrayed by Patrick Gibson. These two will be the main characters we’re likely going to see within the series though there is a wide cast of actors attached in this series including John Karna, Jane Ackermann, and Siobhan Williams. Unfortunately, this series is just getting casting together so we’re not sure just when the production will begin likewise just when we’ll see it air on the USA Network. 

Source: Variety


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