The Monster Hunter Movie goes full modern military in first set photos

The first set images for the live-action Monster Hunter movie have appeared online and, uh, it seems the Hollywood adaptation won’t follow the games all that closely.

Why’s that? Well, there weren’t any modern military vehicles or soldiers in Monster Hunter: World, or any of the games in the series prior to that. And yet there they are on set of Hollywood’s movie based on the action-RPG series.

Why there are cars and guns from our world in the movie is explained in the brief description of its story from Capcom. The studio explained that the plot follows “two heroes who come from different worlds to defeat a shared danger, the powerful, deadly and magnificent monsters that inhabit the land.”

So it seems those two heroes are soldiers who end up getting transported to the Monster Hunter dimension. While there they’ll start to meet recognisable characters from the games, including the Admiral, and also learn to use more traditional Monster Hunter weapons.

These first set photos from the Monster Hunter movie come from Milla Jovovich, who stars in the film (and also starred in the Resident Evil movies), as she shared them on her Instagram account.

In one of them you can see her wielding a Slinger which is straight out of the Monster Hunter games. Jovovich further says in one her image posts that “all the armor and bone blades are gonna be in the movie too, it will all make sense when you see it.”

You can also see Jovovich posing with co-stars Megan Good, Diego Boneta, T.I. and Jin Au-Yeung. No sign of Ron Perlman aka Hellboy, though, who has been confirmed to be part of the cast too.

It’s not too surprising that the Monster Hunter movie adaptation would deviate from the games a little like this. It’s being directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, after all, who directed all the Resident Evil movies. If you’ve watched any of the Resident Evil movies, especially the ones after the first two, you’ll know that they’re only loosely based on the original games.

The Monster Hunter movie is due to come out in 2020 so we’ve got a while to wait yet to see an Anjanath prancing around on the big screen.

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