The Simpsons are doing an esports episode called ‘E my Sports’

Ever on-top of the current trends, The Simpsons’ writers are devoting an episode of the show’s next season to esports.

This is far from the the show’s first spoof take on modern gaming. In one episode, the Simpsons visit the ‘E4’ convention with a number of beloved games on the show floor such as Guts of War, World of KrustCraft, and Assassins Creed: Summer of Love. There is also an episode where Marge gets addicted to ‘Earthland Realms’ an MMORPG.

Al Jean, writer and showrunner on the show, tweeted a photo of a production script titled ‘E my Sports.’ When a twitter user asked if it was an episode about esports, Jean replied with a simple “yep”.

Everything else about the episode is being kept under wraps but we can assume that from the title that it will be centered around Bart and his journey into the world of competitive gaming.

Another confirmation that Jean made over twitter is that actor Ken Jeong will be the episode’s guest star. Jean tweeted a picture Jeong, known for The Hangover and Community, in the studio saying that he was “thrilled” to have Jeong as a guest star.

‘E my Sports’ will be part of the 30th season of The Simpsons which is due to premier September 30.


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