The Steam summer sale starts next week

Despite the hush-hush that usually surrounds incoming Steam sales, it looks like we’ve got a start date for the platform’s big summer sale – and it’s coming up very soon. Following all of the hype and excitement of E3, this might be a good time to get your teeth stuck into some titles you’ve had on your wish list for a while, or try something new in the meantime before for those big PC games that were announced at the conference arrive.

According to the Steam Database Twitter channel, known to “occasionally make the pipes leak”, the Steam “Grand Prix” summer sale will start June 25. Though the channel is unaffiliated with Valve, this sounds about right – last year’s Steam summer sale was leaked early by the very same Steam Database as 21 June, 2018 – and this turned out to be correct. It’s just around the corner, so get your wish lists ready.

In previous years the summer sales lasted around two weeks, so presumably it will be about the same this year. You should have enough time to get a good look at what’s on offer and decide which games are going to get your pennies.

The Steam summer sale tends to offer some pretty sweet deals, so be sure to check out our list of the best games on PC if you’re looking for some inspiration on what to grab. Also keep a good look out for DLC packs, plus franchise and studio bundles – last year the store offered a bundle of every Valve game ever for just $15 (a whopping 92% off).

Also look out for any Steam hardware sales that might happen – last year it offered a full 95% off the Steam Link (plus a bit extra for shipping and handling).

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The date’s not confirmed, but judging by previous years, it looks like you’ll get to scoop up some tasty bargains on those games you’ve been hankering for just next week. Lovely.

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