The Witcher 3: 10 Hidden Details About Dandelion Everyone Completely Missed

Anyone who has played the series or has watched the Netflix original adaptation of The Witcher probably has a favorite character who isn’t exactly a member of the main cast. Out of all those people’s favorites, there’s a good chance that over 50% of them are Dandelion as he’s known in the games, or Jaskier as he’s known in the series.

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What’s not to like though? Any fantasy series that has a bard class type of character usually does their best to make the bard charming, which makes sense since their most important stat is charisma. Perhaps no one really succeeds as well as Dandelion though!

10 His Love For Poetry Is Genuine

While at first, it would be easy to assume that someone like Dandelion might just pick up poetry as a part of his education to pick up women, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. His favorite class was actually Geography, considering the textbooks were big enough to hide some liquor behind. His love of poetry was born out of a legitimate romantic encounter with one of his many ex-flames.

9 He’s Had Family In High Places

Dandelion very much strikes the player as someone who probably came from nothing. While we don’t know much about his early history, it’s clear that he has at the very least some family in high places which might have allowed him to work his charismatic magic.  His cousin, Ferrant De Lettenhove, was the instigator of King Belohun of Kerack before it fell.

8 His Fate Has Been Tied To Ciri For A Long Time

One might easily assume that Dandelion had nothing to do with Ciri’s affairs before he became entwined with Geralt, but a close eye will be able to discern that this isn’t exactly true. Dandelion may not have met her yet, but his song about the Lion Cub of Contra did wonders for his career. If fate has anything to say about it, it seems he was destined to assist Geralt.

7 He Used To Be A Professor

Dandelion comes off as someone who’s always had an incredibly itinerant lifestyle, but this bard has had a bit more of a complicated life than that.

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He did his best as a professor at Oxenfurt for a little while, only to decide academia wasn’t for him. He does occasionally teach classes at the academy from time to time though, and he’s a welcome guest.

6 Despite Being A Writer, He Hasn’t Had The Best Luck With It

Dandelion’s main profession is that of a minstrel. He spends a lot of his time in various opera houses, pubs, and aristocratic parties. That being said, he also considers himself to be a writer. Unfortunately, he lost the original manuscript of his first volume. Rather than be discouraged, he decided he’d start from the beginning and now has 2 separate volumes to his name.

5 He Shows Up With A Hickey On His Neck

It’s honestly pretty difficult to see what’s going on here since the character models in the second game aren’t quite as crisp as they’d go on to be in the 3rd game, but if you look closely at Dandelion, you’ll notice that he has either a hickey or some prints from lips on his neck. This is honestly a pretty good choice from a character design perspective.

4 He Writes All The Notes About Enemies And Characters

Surely someone has to be writing all of Geralt’s reference material, and that somebody is none other than our dear bard Dandelion. This is confirmed in the second game, in addition to him obviously being the one who tells the tale of Geralt and Ciri’s adventures in the 3rd game.

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His poetic way of speaking and his extensive education really shines when you’re reading through the bestiary.

3 His Music In The Game Is More Accurate Than The Show

When looking at the major scale in music, there are 7 different arrangements we can write with. One of these is the commonly known minor scale. We only agreed on these being our go-to scales in western music pretty recently in the world’s history. Before that, we used something called the Dorian mode, and another called the Mixolydian pretty frequently. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher is written in a really recent permutation of the minor scale called the Blues minor, which makes it sound really out of place in a fantasy series.

2 His Name Probably Shouldn’t Be Dandelion

There are too many weird name mixups to count when it comes to Dandelion’s whole character. In some translations, he’s given Triss’ last name instead of being Dandelion. In the books, his name is Jaskier which was also taken for the show. Whatever name you’ve come to know him by, it’s clear that his reputation precedes him.

1 Serving Courts Might Be The Reason He Has So Many Enemies

Dandelion, as is typical of a bard, is well-known for being a jack-of-all-trades. That being said, maybe not all of these trades have served him well over the course of time. Dandelion went out as a spy for a long time, making some friends in the lowest places in the world, in addition to consorting with high society. Geralt has gotten him out of a few jams that he found himself in as a result of his squirrely dealings with everyone from kings to charlatans.

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