The Witcher: 5 Times Dandelion Acted Out of Character (& 5 Times He Was Just Like He Is In The Books)

It’s hard to talk about massive dark fantasy epics without mentioning the absolute brilliance of The Witcher. Andrzej Sapkowski’s brainchild enraptured fans from all over the globe with its amazing world, well-developed characters, and a truly scintillating story that grabs a reader’s attention hook, line, and sinker. It’s no wonder that this brilliant world provided CD Projekt Red with a great base to kickstart what is easily one of the greatest video game trilogies of all time — largely due to the excellent quality of the final game.

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The characters of this franchise are truly a highlight, with one person, in particular, serving as a much-needed breath of fresh air in an environment that can be oppressively bleak at times. The person we’re talking about is none other than Dandelion, who has had his fair share of moments in the series. However, there are times when Dandelion’s character in the games has directly conflicted with how he’s presented in the books. Keeping this in mind, here are five times Dandelion has stayed true to his roots, coupled five other instances where he’s strayed off the beaten path.

10 ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER: His Hair Color Is Wrong

The very first thing that the game gets wrong about Dandelion is his hair. In the games, Dandelion has brownish-black hair, which is a far cry from his blond get-up in the books.

The Netflix show decided to go with the games in this department and cast an actor with brown hair to play Jaskier as well.

9 JUST LIKE IN THE BOOKS: Maintained A Journal Of Every Character

If there was one thing Dandelion was known for, it was his prolific writing as a poet, storyteller, and bard. Thus, it would only make sense that he would document everything about his friends and the events surrounding them in his trademark style.

Reading these writeups about the characters and the story feels like a fresh way to read through the story… as if the player was reading a book about his actions in the world of The Witcher.

8 ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER: Doesn’t Seem To Be All That Famous

In the books, Dandelion is supposed to be this bard renown all over the world. However, this reputation is seldom addressed in the books.

People should ideally be flocking towards him in droves, but this medieval celebrity status isn’t shown properly in the games, which is a shame.

7 JUST LIKE IN THE BOOKS: Never Lost His Womanizing Edge

However, while Dandelion might not be all that popular — or at least, that’s what it seems like — no one can deny that his devilish charm is constant throughout the series.

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Whether it be the books, games, or the Netflix show, Dandelion’s proficiency when it comes to bedding wenches and lasses is quite immense and well-reflected in his character and the world around him.

6 ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER: His Propensity To Practice His Bardic Skills

In the books, Dandelion is extremely proud of his profession. He constantly sings, practices his instrument, and writes poetry whenever afforded the opportunity.

This element of Dandelion’s character is almost completely absent in the games, with the overarching narrative seemingly way too important for the lovable bard to get some time to hone his skills.

5 JUST LIKE IN THE BOOKS: Unwaveringly Loyal To Geralt

However — given the fact that Geralt is the character you control, after all — Dandelion’s relationship with the protagonist of the tale is excellently written in both the books and games.

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It genuinely feels like both these people share an inseparable bond across the games, with Dandelion’s loyalty for Geralt being endearingly apparent in multiple instances.

4 ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER: Not Exactly A Smooth-Talker Anymore

Dandelion might find himself in a sticky situation more often than not, but a major quality of his in the books was that he could always use his silver tongue to get out of most confrontations with his head intact on his shoulders.

However, in the games, it seems that Dandelion is incapable of getting rid of any dangerous situation without Geralt stepping into the fray.

3 JUST LIKE IN THE BOOKS: Acts As Some Much-Needed Comedic Relief

The point mentioned above might not be all that bad, since portraying Dandelion in such a manner does lead to situations that will at least elicit a chuckle from players, if not leave convulsing with laughter.

However, this comes at a price — a price that we’ll discuss in the next entry.

2 ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER: Too Much Of A Bumbling Fool At Times


Dandelion might not be the brightest person in the series, but the problems he faces in the books arise more as a result of his greed as opposed to his stupidity.

However, in the games, it almost seems like Dandelion is going out of his way to get into trouble, which is just a horrible way to depict his character.

This lovable bard is by no means stupid — in fact, he can be extremely witty at times — but the games have dumbed down his character to a criminal level, to the point where it’s just impossible to look at him without assuming the worst.

1 JUST LIKE IN THE BOOKS: Risked His Life To Protect Ciri

However, considering everything mentioned in the previous entry, it’s still great to see that Dandelion has still somehow managed to become a fan-favorite character in the hearts of gaming fans all over the globe.

This is in no small part to the selfless heroism this narcissistic bard has managed to show at times, in both the books and the games. His bold sacrifice to try and protect Ciri — who, albeit, didn’t really need the help, but it’s the thought that counts — was very much reflective of a character who might have his own best interests at heart but will still give his life for his friends at a moment’s notice.

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