The Witcher Netflix Series Could Run For 20 Years


While the show may not be adapting the video games per se but rather the source novel material, a lot of hype has been building around The Witcher series. Most may know the franchise simply due to CD Projekt Red’s trilogy that launched over the past few years. Now that the studio has moved on to a new IP, another medium is looking to pick up the franchise for another adaptation. You’re likely already aware that The Witcher has been turned into a Netflix original series which is set to air in December of this year. However, it seems that the production team has a ton of content already planned out.

Its the first season may not be available until December, but Lauren Hissrich did make some big claims for the series as a whole. Not long ago we reported on the fact that the showrunner claimed that they have seven seasons worth of content charted out. From the sound of things, it seemed that the production crew was looking to provide viewers with content that could build off the first season rather than cramming the initial few episodes full of narrative content. 

Now a new comment is coming to light that Lauren Hissrich has enough content that could potentially allow The Witcher to live on for at least twenty years. Now that’s a long time for a televised series and it’s unlikely the show will last that long. However, if the comments are true, then it could mean that the production crew could pick out the best content to really make The Witcher an enjoyable experience for several seasons. 

Even with the amount of content planned ahead of The Witcher series, it does seem that the studio has been some cuts to the narrative that have some fans concerned. For instance, a fan recently contacted Lauren Hissrich through Twitter over the cut of A Little Sacrifice storyline. Lauren replied stating that because there is so much content planned, there very well could be a season that featured some of the shorter storylines that didn’t make the initial cut for our first season. At any rate, Netflix subscribers will get to view The Witcher for themselves on December 20, 2019, and decide if its a series worth continuing. 

Source: Comic Book, Twitter


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