There’s A Petition To Get Rid of Fortnite

Fortnite, the third person shooter from Epic Games has seemingly crept its way into almost every crevice of internet culture, you can’t log onto social media a day without seeing the game being used in the context of a meme or verb – and it’s starting to annoying quite a few people.

One specific person is Chloe DePalma who has taken to to set up a petition to get rid of it, saying: “It’s taking over our boyfriends’ lives and brainwashing them.” Cleary the petition was meant as a joke, but it seems that a handful of people thought otherwise.

At the time of writing the petition “Get Rid of Fortnite” has gathered over 2,200 signatures, which was more than the creators ever hoped to get.

Okay so I see this blew up. It was originally made as a joke and initially I hated Fortnite but I started playing It and it’s actually kinda fun. Me and my friend were just joking and we hoped people would notice, but I see how the game can take away from family time and it is a problem in that sense. I also see how mothers get annoyed and wives/girlfriends when their significant others ignore them for It. Regardless we never knew this would blow up so big. It was initially a joke but it seems to be a rising issue within families because everyone has been so addicted to it.”

“The game has caused quite an uproar with a lot of women and I definitely see how. We made this petition 2 months ago and totally forgot about it. I hope nobody gets too upset over this petition (we might leave it up because it got very noticed from many websites and news articles and it seems it’s actually a serious problem from when it was made 2 months prior). This is my last edit of this petition. I hope you all aren’t too upset from what It was originally.”

Thoughts? Fortnite is starting to feel a lot like the Harambe of 2018…


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