There’s a Team Fortress 2 Easter egg in the Half-Life: Alyx trailer

This week Valve announced Half-Life: Alyx – the first game in the developer’s original series since 2007, and its first proper VR title. It announced the game with an excellent trailer, which obviously fans have been poring over for clues – which seems to have turned up at least one Easter egg.

As spotted by user d1psyyyy on Reddit, there is actually a nod to one of Valve’s other major franchises in the trailer – Team Fortress 2. At around the middle mark in the announcement trailer, there’s a moment where the player controlling Alyx Vance hunts on some store shelves for ammo – which they find, pop in their gun, and immediately turn and fire on a Combine soldier.

However, if you freeze the trailer at around 1:00 exactly, on the bottom shelf – to the lower left-hand corner of the screen – you can see a toy of a kid holding a baseball bat. This clearly appears to be the Scout from Team Fortress 2.