This Is Why Kratos Can’t Jump In The New God of War

If you recall from the previous titles in the God Of War franchise, Kratos was quite the nimble fighter, attacking both while climbing, on the ground and being able to basically hover mid-air with his jumping attacks. But with the latest iteration in the franchise, combat has become far more intimate – so much so that the studio behind the game has actually removed the jumping ability.

This was a decision made by the team, and game director Cory Barlog. Barlog spoke with Game Informer this week about the development progress behind the game and although he didn’t talk too specifically about that, he did note, “it’s a ‘rip the band-aid off’ kind of moment. At first…I told the core team that nothing is sacred, and literally the first thing that (designer) Eric Williams talks to me about is like, ‘Okay, what about the jump?’”

He said that most of it boils down to the closer camera angle, and how jumping could ruin the experience. Barlog noted that you can’t have “double-jumps all over the place” with that set-up, and he had to make a decision to pretty much get it taken out.

God of War will release this year, exclusive to PS4.

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