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TikTok is ass backwards

from So lets start off with the fact that you will often times come across girls on tiktok that are dressed a certain way to help boost the view and like count. (Despite how many of them will say that they werent baiting for views and likes) we all know the truth.  You wont have your nipples rock hard whilst wearing a thin white muscle shirt for nothing.  Now I am not one to usually complain about this sort of thing, actually thinking about it I usually encourage it because who does it really hurt? However when it filly effects me and my videos and no one else I start to have a problem.


Today I put out a tiktok that YEAH may have been a little risky, did not corss community guidelines.  I was naked however the only thing you could really see was my titties and a tiny piece of my ass cheek.  Most times the shorts some of these girls have on show wayyyyy more ass than you could see in my video.   right as this video was starting to pick up a good amount of steam it was removed, I appealed it but we all know that tiktoks appeal system is a joke.  below is the video that I had up you can even still see the tiktok watermark. I also want to make a point to say that this very video was posted on facebook and Instagram with no issues at all!



There are countless videos that I could find and post here that WELLLLL Go beyond the community guidelines that are still up however I wont because I neither have the time nor patience to do so.  Plus I shouldn’t even have to.  We have all seen them before.  either girls twerking with loose shorts on so you can see everything.  FULL nip slips, hell even guys streaming.  However for some reaosn i am always targeted when i post risky content..  This is some doody!


Anyways the video is uploaded here now and no one can tell me to take it down from here.


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