TimTheTatman Finally Won a Fall Guys Match

After countless Fall Guys matches, close wins, and plenty of stream sniping, Twitch streamer TimTheTatman has finally won a game. The win comes after the streamer was faced tons of tongue-in-cheek prodding from his community as well as the official Fall Guys Twitter account before he was able to earn his first crown in the game’s Hex-A-Gone final round. TimTheTatman gave a speech afterwards to thank his viewers for their support after the number of people watching him climbed to over a quarter of a million viewers.

TimTheTatman’s struggle to win a crown in Fall Guys has been a well-document saga on social media due in no small part to the constant ribbing from the Fall Guys Twitter account. The streamer kept saying today would be the day he’d win, but he had to go through lots of close calls and some orchestrated campaigns against his win to get there.

He clipped his video shortly after his win to share it with his followers on social media. He won the round on Hex-A-Gone, the level where you have to bounce around on different tiles before they disappear to make sure you’re not falling through to the slime to be eliminated.

If you watched TimTheTatman’s stream prior to the win, you’ll know that the win’s even better on this level because of how much trouble he’s had with Hex-A-Gone. He was hoping for a Fall Mountain final throughout the stream but never could get a win on the mountain.

Those who were watching his stream will also know that he had to deal with more opposition from other players than you’d typically have to in a Fall Guys match. People watching his stream were quickly able to figure out which jellybean person he was from his outfit and would constantly flock to him to grab his character and make him mess up. The stream sniping resulted in him changing his costume often to throw people off, but they kept coming.

Shortly after the win was earned and shared online, support for TimTheTatman started trending on Twitter. The official Fall Guys Twitter account even had to follow through with a bet and follow the streamer now that he’d earned a win. The next challenge posed by the Twitter account is to earn the game’s Infallible trophy that requires you to win five games in a row.

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