Tomb Raider 3 Unity Fan Remake Creator Promises Reveal Near New Year’s; Demo Releases in February

Earlier Tomb Raider titles never received the remake they deserve, and a fan took it upon himself to deliver a remake of arguably the best title in the franchise’s history, Tomb Raider 3.

Heckler, the remake’s creator, recently shared a development update on how his Tomb Raider 3’s remake is going along. Heckler promised a demo will release on Lara’s birthday, which corresponds to February 14th. Not only that, he teased that “a reveal of some sorts” will take place before New Year’s, so be ready Tomb Raider fans.

Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark. We are working hard every day. 3 programmers joined my team so things are going ridiculously fast and I seldom have time to publish updates. There will be a reveal of some sorts before New Years and in terms of dates there are 2 big ones to look forward to in 2018.

Lara’s Birthday for demo 1 to start. Before then you can expect surprise footage, some interviews with exclusive footage and an open Beta “Style Units” which was originally scheduled for the 25th before we added even more features.

I’ve also received some emails with suggestions regarding the overall feel of the game and while I respect that lots of people like the LAU formula I’m staying far away from it as possible. And also. There will be auto aim but you have to hold in an extra key for it so it’s completely optional.

In early January I will release the final schedule.

Are you excited for Heckler’s Tomb Raider 3 remake?


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