Top 40 NEW Xbox One Games of 2018

We’ve all been there — you’ve just completed a game, and you’re basking in the satisfaction of having triumphed over a ridiculous boss or finally unlocking all the achievements. It feels awesome. But what comes next? If you haven’t got anything lined up, the feeling isn’t unlike when you finish a TV series, and suddenly, a peculiar wave of emptiness just hits you like a dragon fist. As your resident gaming psychologists, we recommend keeping a list of emergency games (stashed in a safe place) to avoid unnecessary crisis. There’s a colourful variety of games coming out for Xbox One, and don’t forget to check out our suggestions for PC and PlayStation 4.

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40. GreedFall

39. Pit People

38. Onrush

37. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

36. Dakar 18

35. Ace combat 7: Skies Unknown

34. Indivisible

33. Super Meat Boy Forever

32. Valkyria Chronicles 4

31. Ashen

30. Celeste

29. Conarium

28. Extinction

27. Overkill’s The Walking Dead

26. Agony

25. Mega Man 11

24. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

23. Deep Rock Galactic

22. Darksiders III

21. Dragon Ball FighterZ

20. Biomutant

19. Soulcalibur VI

18. Metal Gear Survive

17. Fe

16. The Crew 2

15. The Last Night

14. Call of Duty 2018

13. Vampyr

12. Jurassic World Evolution

11. Monster Hunter: World

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10. Code Vein

9. Skull and Bones 

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8. Kingdom Hearts III

7. Metro: Exodus

6. Far Cry 5

5. Sea of Thieves

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4. Unannounced Forza Game

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3. Crackdown 3

2. State of Decay 2

1. Red Dead Redemption 2


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