Transistor Dev Expresses Opinion on Epic Games Store and Valve’s Steam; ‘It’s Good to Have Competition’

Epic Games caused a lot of controversy within the industry when they launched their own store with more relaxed terms, better revenue share and incentives compared to Valve’s Steam. They even managed to snatch an exclusive deal with Metro Exodus to drop Steam in favour of Epic Games Store.

During the DICE Summit 2019, Supergiant Games’ Creative Director Greg Kasavin was present and sat down with USGamer to discuss the co-existence of Epic Games Store and Valve’s Steam as two platforms within the industry. Supergiant Games are known for their brilliant work on Transistor, Bastion, and most recently, Pyre, all of which are true indie gems. He continued to criticize people’s way of excluding a platform in favour of the other, speaking from personal experience as he uses both platforms simultaneously.

[…] as for Epic, they’ve been a really great partner and helped shine a spotlight on the game. We first started talking to them actually around here, this time last year. Some of our many aspects of our launch plan for Hades were a year or so in the making. The idea that we would announce and launch it at the same time was something that we were excited about. We knew it was going to be early access, and when we were talking to the folks at Epic about it and started learning that they had something planned for around that same time, it kind of felt like the stars aligning, and they were interested in working with studios like ours.

At Supergiant we’re excited to be a part of something where we don’t know what the future holds. On the one hand, it can be scary. But on the other hand it’s exciting and we like to put our work out there and see what see what twists and turns it will naturally take through the course of development. Being a part of something like the Epic Games Store launch felt like a really natural part of the story of something like this, so I think competition in the game industry is good for everybody. It’s good for customers. It’s good for people working in the industry. Just on a personal level, I thought it was exciting to see Epic throw its hat in the ring.

As someone who has been using Steam since the day Half-Life 2 came out, I have zero fear that like, I can love Steam and your love for one platform doesn’t need to come at the exclusion of another. So I like seeing more places to play games out there, and see how different perspectives on it pan out. And yeah, we’ll see how it goes. It’s one of those things where I know that Epic has a mindset around listening to player feedback also. I think their success with something like Fortnite wouldn’t be what it is if they weren’t highly attentive to what their audience is interested in. So it’s cool to be a part of it and we’re as curious as anyone to see how it pans out.

What do you think of Epic Games Store and Valve’s Steam competition? Let us know what you think.

[Source: USGamer]


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