Trap Adventure 2 — Most Fiendish Game Ever

There exists a particular subset of gamers who seek to challenge themselves with increasingly difficult games. Super Meat Boy does not faze them. The NES mod Super Mario Brothers – Frustration is mere child’s play. If you are one of these fearless individuals, there’s a free iOS game out there that may stretch your patience to the limit.

Described as a “very stressful” platformer that will “literally drive you insane”, Trap Adventure 2 is a retro platformer developed by Hiroyoshi Oshiba. The sequel to Trap Adventure, it follows a similar format, tasking players with navigating Super Mario Brothers style bricked corridors, evading spikes, and solving miniature puzzle sections. The most brutal thing about the gameplay is its instant death policy, though you can opt in for ‘Normal Version’, a $1 USD in-app purchase that grants you some extra lives. Trap Adventure 2 looks like it requires a ton of memorisation, and if you’re willing to put in the time, it is vanquishable.

Those interested can download it here.

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