Twitch gets built-in multistreaming next year

Twitch is finally getting official support for multistreaming with the addition of Squad Streams. This feature will launch in 2019, and allow creators to team up and broadcast their gameplay together. It’s a feature that’s been available through third party sites for some time, but built-in support lets streamers build their content around their squad.

Streamers will have an option to invite others to stream alongside them on the dashboard. Up to four people can stream as part of a squad, and Twitch is confident this will be a good option for cooperative streams in titles ranging from PUBG to GTA. “Select streamers” will be able to test out squad streaming some time this year.

If you tune into an individual streamer who’s broadcasting with a squad, you can hit a button to switch to a view that shows the whole team – or you can search for squads directly in the browse view. Once there, you can click any member of the squad to switch focus to them while each of the others plays in a smaller window down below. You’ll see chat for whichever stream you’re currently focused on.

There are already options for viewers if they want to see multiple Twitch streams in one window, thanks to sites like Multitwitch and Multistream. Twitch’s official solution is a bit different, since it puts the choice of building multistreams on the streamers themselves. That also means you won’t be able to use the feature to just quickly swap between unrelated streams of your choosing – you’ll still have to rely on third parties for that.

The news comes as part of the TwitchCon keynote. You can see the archive here – the relevant bit starts at 19:40. TwitchCon also brought news that extends beyond streaming, like how Ninja’s New Year party is going to invade Times Square. Maybe he and some of his regular compatriots will show off Squad Streams there – it’ll certainly be a big enough stage for it.


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