Twitch streamer who allegedly hit partner seems to have been banned… again

After a short return to activity, it is no longer possible to access Twitch streamer Luke ‘MrDeadMoth’ Munday’s channel. The streamer was initially temporarily banned by Twitch after he appeared to hit his pregnant wife mid-stream. After Munday began streaming again on December 30, there was a public outcry on Twitter.

Australian police arrested Munday on December 9 following the initial incident and charged him with common assault. Though legal proceedings are still underway, Munday returned to Twitch on December 30, just three weeks after the alleged assault. During that stream, viewers who mentioned the incident were immediately timed out from chat or banned from watching.

Munday’s return to Twitch, which he tweeted about shortly before going live, was met with criticism on social media. Many people took to Twitter to scold the streaming platform for allowing Munday to retain his account. It is possible that the deactivation of Munday’s account may be Twitch’s response to that criticism. Attempts to access the ‘MrDeadMoth’ channel are now met with an error telling users that “content is unavailable.”

We’ve reached out to Twitch for clarification on exactly what action has been taken, why Munday’s ban wasn’t permanent to begin with, and what spurred the more recent ban.

Munday’s case has been adjourned until January 10, but he has been granted permission to miss this court date to receive further legal advice. Dexerto reports that Australian police have applied for an Apprehended Violence Order in relation to the case, which is made “against a person who makes you fear for your safety, to protect you from further violence, intimidation, or harassment.”

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