Twitch Will Soon Roll Out Their Official Broadcasting Software

Twitch is a behemoth of a website. This is a massive source for gamers to watch live content such as their favorite video game being played to joining in with a channel crafted community. You can really find some interesting and fun personalities using the free service. Whether it be an already massive well-established pro gamer like Shroud with millions of followers to an up-and-comer floating head and wife duo like TheBestHeadEver, there’s something for everyone. However, if you rather partake in the service and start your very own channel to create gaming livestreams, the setup process can be a bit of a hassle.

There are a few programs that are often used to set up a livestream and for the big-timers, having a wide assortment of equipment is at times necessary to keep the stream running smoothly. The problem is that even with streamers that are just starting out, setting things up can be a struggle. You’ll find that streamers will have to go through third-party programs to get the stream up and running with sources for audio, video, screen capture, and even alerts to show off new followers, subscribers and donations.

While there’s plenty of guides and even video tutorials to help you get started, Twitch itself is looking to make the setup process for newcomers easier with an in-house system. It’s being called Twitch Studio and it’s currently in closed beta at the moment. With Twitch Studio, streamers can use the app to set up your microphone, webcam, activity feed, alerts, chat and even a variety of templates to give the stream a bit more personality.

TheBestHeadEver using an assortment of alerts through Streamlabs.

Right now it looks as if this upcoming application is intended for the newcomers of Twitch rather than veterans but depending on how popular it becomes, perhaps we’ll see it start to compete with some of the other successful programs out in the market such as Streamlabs. Again, because the software is locked way behind a closed beta, it’s tough to determine just how difficult the setup process will be compared to the current alternatives. Regardless, only time will tell if the Twitch Studio app is intuitive enough to sway new streamers.

Source: Twitch


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