Ubisoft Continues To Tease Splinter Cell Franchise

Ubisoft is a massive video game development studio. They are responsible for several big-name titles such as Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy series, and Assassin’s Creed. However, over the years, there has been a growing desire by the fan base community of another installment to a long-running video game franchise. We’re of course referring to Splinter Cell, a game series that got its start back in 2002 but hasn’t received a new installment since 2013.

It’s a stealth-based video game series and one that’s been enjoyed by countless players around the world. However, there hasn’t been a release in quite a few years but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from dropping the IP name or teasing the franchise in a variety of outings and social media platforms. However, there hasn’t been anything announced in terms of a brand new Splinter Cell mainline title.

Another tease appeared online through a Ubisoft Spain Twitter account which highlighted the Splinter Cell franchise while offering a small quote that relates to the gameplay.

This tweet seems to be just connected to the Spain Twitter account so there hasn’t bee anything announced on any of the social media platforms yet. With the current-generation consoles coming to an end and the upcoming launches for Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5, it could be that Ubisoft has planned for Splinter Cell to make a return but are waiting for the new hardware to release.

Source: Twitter, PC Gamer


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