Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six Siege e-Sport Plans

Following the Rainbow Six: Siege Steady incline in popularity, Ubisoft has announced their plans regarding the future eSports schedule of Rainbow Six Siege. The new schedule will kick off in June 2018 and will run through 2020. Each year there will be two seasons and is set to kick off in June.

Before we get headed straight into this new schedule of seasons a transitional season will run from March to May, 2018. The new season format will see a season running from June to November and then the next one will run from December until May. Once these two seasons conclude, eight of the best teams will be selected from Asia-Pacific, European, Latin American, and North American regions. They will all compete against each other in the Season Finale for a prize pool of $275,000.

Schedule Sum-up for the Year 2018-2019 (courtesy of IGN)

  • Pro League Season 7 (transition season): March-May 2018
  • Pro League Season 8: June-November 2018
  • Pro League Season 9: December 2018-May 2019

Additionally, each year will now feature two Majors. There will be a Six Invitational each February and a “Six Major” tournament will be taking place in August. The Six Invitational warrants a $500,000 prize pool, while the Six Major tournaments held in August in Paris will give a $350,000 prize pool.

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