Undertale creator’s next project might be revealed tomorrow… within Undertale

Toby Fox, the creator of popular RPG Undertale, has tweeted that he’ll announce some news tomorrow. Will it be Undertale news? Possibly. “For those who completed UNDERTALE it’s really important that you check @UNDERTALE 24 hours from now,” Fox writers on Twitter. “I want to make something new, and it all begins with your feedback.”

Fox isn’t the only contributor to this announcement as his tweet quotes another tweet from the official Undertale Twitter account, which has had a bit of a makeover, or make under. Both its profile picture and header have been changed to be completely black. The account’s profile name has also been blanked out – it looks like it’s been censored.

The Undertale account also tweeted several unnerving messages that read like a conversation. “Have you been looking for me?” one reads, while another says, “I have been looking for you as well.”

The Undertale tweets are all in capital letters and words have been spaced out in a way that is consistent with some of the fonts used in Undertale. Another tweet reads, “I have something I want to show you. Something that you will find very, very, interesting.”

The event tomorrow, whatever it is, will have fans of Undertale answer some questions, but what these questions will be or what they’re for is still a mystery. The Undertale account’s final tweet says, “Return here in [24] hours…then using your responses we will approach its realisation.”

Whether or not Fox is planning on making a successor to his hugely popular RPG has fans guessing. Some are suggesting that it’s a Halloween update to the game and others have suggested that it could be an announcement for Undertale 2. We’ll have to wait to find out.

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