Upcoming PUBG Xbox One Patch Adds Crosshair and Colorblind Settings, Expands All Scopes’ Field of View and Adds Emotes

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ Xbox One servers for testing for quite a while now, and it’s finally time for it to go live.

PUBG’s upcoming Xbox One patch adds colorblind and crosshair settings for players to manipulate, alongside a new slider interface and grouping up similar game settings in categories of their own. Not only that, the update expands all scopes’ field of view, adds a parallex effect when moving weapons quickly, increases transition speed between menus and adds new grenade hit effects and animations. Here is the update’s complete patch notes.


Settings menu changes:

  • Game settings are now grouped up by category.
  • Colorblind settings have been added
  • Crosshair settings have been added
  • Added a new slider interface
  • Added an option to adjust strength of game controller vibration.
  • Added an option to set deadzone for the left analog stick.
  • Aim acceleration can now be completely disabled if set to 0.
    • Those of you who previously set it to “0” may want to set it to “1” to preserve the feel from previous patches.
  • The game controller function guide has been updated.

Scopes have been changed to be more realistic:

  • Expanded all scopes’ field of view
  • Added a parallax effect when moving weapons quickly
  • Added vignetting (darker edges), chromatic aberration (color difference caused by light refraction), and a distortion effect on the edge of scopes

Out-of-game menus and UX improvements:

  • The “cancel matchmaking” UI has been improved. You can now cancel matchmaking by holding the X button on any screen except the SETTINGS menu
  • We improved the UI that indicates that matchmaking is in progress. Progress time is now displayed. When a match is found, a countdown will appear
  • Transition speed between menus has been increased
  • Two new menu items have been added: CUSTOMIZATION and STORE.
    • To get a box, go to STORE > CRATES
    • To open the box you’ve received, go to MY ITEMS in STORE
    • On test servers, the number of boxes that can be purchased per week has been increased significantly (up to 100)
  • After launching the game, a single, simplified loading screen pops up before the lobby appears (instead of many different screens)

A few more miscellaneous changes:

  • Emotes have been added. Emote UI will show up if you press the LB+RB buttons at the same time. Choose an emote with the right analog stick and press down with the R stick to use the selected emote.
  • We added some contextual on-screen popups that explain button functions.
  • Added new grenade hit effects and animations
  • We’ve removed the grenade’s knockback effect for player characters when dealing non-lethal damage (if players are killed by a grenade, they’ll still be knocked back)

Bug fixes

  • There was a bug causing players to sometimes get stuck in a leaning position (caused by going prone while leaning). This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue causing punching to slow down movement while sprinting
  • Player can no longer see through walls by going prone near houses with stone steps in Miramar
  • In spectator mode, water sounds sometimes inappropriately continued after changing perspective. This has now been fixed
  • When preparing to throw grenades, the projection visualization no longer inappropriately penetrates through objects

How much are you enjoying PUBG right now?


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