Updated MediEvil Remake Short-Lived Demo Adds Stained Glass Demon, Extends Playtime, and More

Nick Accordino Producer at SIE took to the PlayStation Blog to announce some exciting news for MediEvil fans as well as talk about the game’s 25th anniversary!

Previously known as the Short-Lived demo, players will now get a new version of the demo that extends the play time to the point where they will encounter a boss battle — Stained Glass Demon. The game has been available to purchase for a couple of months now, but if you need an extra push, perhaps this demo will help you decide.

Check out the official announcement down below:

Merry citizens of Gallowmere,

Tis the season of comfort, joy and second chances! I bring you the jolly news that the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo is being resurrected at PlayStation Store today with additional content! Get your hands on this free download to claim the Sir Dan’s Helmet item, traverse the Graveyard and Hilltop Mausoleum and fight your way to the Stained Glass Demon. Are you up to restoring some cheer to the kingdom this holiday?

In addition to the exciting extended demo, players were also treated to a ton of awesome concept art and re-imaginings of MediEvil’s Sir Dan. If you want to check out the full post, head over to the PlayStation Blog right here!

In related news, we here at Gameranx held a review roundup for the game, which showcases some of the best critics in the indusrty reviewing the remake title. The critics state that the game remains true to the original and it comes right in time for the Halloween season.

However, some reviewers state the clunky camera and dated gameplay mechanics hold the game back from being perfect. Developers Other Ocean Emeryville did a pretty good job with this remake, and will no doubt leave fans craving more! Make sure to check out the full review roundup right here!

MediEvil Remake is now available for the PS. Are you still playing the epic remake title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog


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