Valve Kills Off Steam Link Hardware

If you own a gaming PC then there may be some challenges on setting it up to enjoy anywhere. As a result, if you’d like to enjoy some of your favorite Steam video games within a different room then you’d have to go through the trouble of hauling your PC into a different room, setting up the peripherals and television set just to enjoy some gameplay. That was until Valve announced their latest hardware, Steam Link, a device that was small, portable and made to stream your library of video games to any room within the house.

Unfortunately, the hardware for the Steam Link is soon being killed off with Valve looking to move out their remaining stock to those who still wish to use this method to enjoy video games on any TV within their home. While Valve is no longer producing Steam Link hardware, they will continue to support the service for all those who currently own a Steam Link and the android application. Depending on your connection, your android smartphone and tablet could stream your Steam video games from your PC all while using your peripherals to enjoy the game.

Currently, there is no word on just how long the Steam Link sale will continue on but from the looks of things, this sale will continue until Valve runs out of units to sell. As a result, you can purchase a Steam Link for just $2.50 which is a massive drop from $49.99. Likewise, the bundle edition which comes with a controller is just $35.61 where it originally ran for $99.99. This is a perfect price to jump on if you are debating on getting a unit for home and best of all, Valve will continue to support the software rather than turning these units into a paperweight.

[Source: Polygon]


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