Valve Prepares Steam For 2019 Changes

Valve is a massive video game corporation and its brought out some fantastic titles into the market. However, most may know Valve for their digital marketplace for PC video game titles known as Steam. Essentially, for years now this has been the go-to source for PC gamers to pick up video game titles both digitally and also at discounted prices. Now that we’re into the New Year, Valve is ready to share its roadmap for the Steam marketplace client. As you can imagine there is plenty of changes underway help their consumers out.

There’s a good long list to explain the changes but what you may find interesting is that Valve shared its stats overview of 2018. Apparently, Steam brought in nearly 50 million active daily users with over 1.6 million purchases per month. It’s clear that 2018 was still full of users on the Steam platform, but that may change in the upcoming year thanks to Epic Games Store. Not only is the service bringing a larger profit share to IP owners when it comes to game purchases, but it’s bringing out free video game titles to enjoy on a biweekly schedule.

For now, it seems that Valve is pushing on with their roadmap of 2019 which includes a new means for recommending video game titles that match individual tastes, a reworked Steam Library, an events system, likewise, there is a new Steam Chat mobile application coming to help friends online stay connected. That’s not all, there’s more inbound such as bringing Steam over to China, but you can read the full 2019 roadmap and the stats from 2018 right here.

With all that said, do you think 2019 may show a big change for Valve with the threat of Epic Games Store now out attempting to bring in more users and PC exclusives? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: Steam; Game Informer]


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