Valve’s working on something called Steam TV

Something called Steam TV is in the works at Valve – at least, that’s what a newly registered web domain hints at. Everything appears to be in order suggesting that the freshly discovered website has truly been commissioned by Valve, and it’s leaving us all wondering exactly what Steam TV might be.

Uncovered by Pavel “xPaw” Djundik – who you may know as the creator of SteamDB – the Steam.TV URL points to a barely existing webpage. All that’s there is a single sentence embolden in header 1 formatting: “Welcome to” At least, it did when I started writing this. Now the page is completely empty, without even a single line of HTML in the page source. contact records for are protected, but the SSL certificate points back to the Steam Community. The domain is registered with Namecheap, which also happens to be the service Valve used to register the new Artifact site. The URL was registered on July 24.

It’s notable that the SSL certificate points to Steam Community, because most of Valve’s other domains – like the official website and the Artifact page – point to the Steam store for their certificates. That suggests some kind of community-driven emphasis for whatever Steam TV is.

The most obvious conclusion is that Steam TV is set to be some kind of streaming service along the lines of Twitch. Valve has already dabbled in streaming and Steam offers the tools for it, though it’s not a widely emphasized part of the client. But with the basic tools in place, streaming could be expanded to stand on its own as part of a separate site.

Other possibilities are a bit less obvious, but they’re numerous. It could refer to a new Steam Link-style box, or a game streaming service similar to those being discussed across the industry in recent months. Or it could just be a source for Dota 2 streams. Whatever the case, stay tuned for more info – though be prepared to get answers only on Valve time.


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