VAMPYR Set To Release June 5th

Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Entertainment have announced that the story focused third-person adventure Vampyr will release on June 5th. The release date was unveiled during the final episode of the game’s web series.

The fourth video in the series focuses on the creative process that went into making the title.

In Episode IV: Stories from the Dark, Dontnod explain what makes videogames unique compared to other storytelling mediums, as well as their signature approach to narrative. As Narrative Director Stéphane Beauverger explains, the player is often occupied with Vampyr‘s intricate gameplay systems. Because of this, the exploration, investigations, citizen encounters, combat and hard-hitting choices are all fundamentally intertwined with the game’s narrative. Game Director Philippe Moreau elaborates, saying that the relationship between a player and their character, as well as the direct feeling of control, is unique to games and something he has worked to make special in Vampyr.

The game follows the story of Jonathan Reid, a doctor-turned-vampire, who now has to come to terms with what it means to be a vampire. The games focus is mainly on the internal conflict Reid faces – does he sate his biological bloodlust or go against the Hippocratic Oath he swore at the start of his career.

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Vampyr will release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 June 5th.


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