Visual Novel RPG, The Ballad Singer, Kickstarter Campaign Launched; Features 1700 Stories and 40 Different Endings

Italian studio Curtel Games revealed their ambitious visual novel RPG, The Ballad Singer, and now it’s time to back the studio and help them develop it.

The Ballad Singer is a very ambitious visual novel RPG set in a fantasy universe. The game allows players to play as four different characters, each with their own plot and adventure, however, all their stories intertwine to form a bigger picture. The Ballad Singer features a massive 1700 different narrative developments with 40 different endings for players to experience. Not only that, the game is fully narrated with each narrative path offering more than 10 hours of gameplay. Here is a brief description of the title:

The Domino System is what allows you to live thousands of different narratives within The Ballad Singer. The paths will change according to your actions, the characters you have selected, and their progress or failures. The system is inspired by Neural Networks and Chaos Theory. Each choice you’ll make will influence the options at your disposal, not just for the character you’ll be using in that moment, but also for the others.

Upon the death of one hero, you’ll begin playing with another adventurer, in a world that has been completely reshaped by the previous choices.

By killing the dragon, will Leon have saved the town from its fury? Or has he shifted the whole balance of the region? If Leon were to die in the fight, would he condemn the whole country? Could the dragon favor one of the factions?

Make sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter campaign and help the studio reach their goal. Till then, enjoy some pre-alpha gameplay footage.

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