Warframe’s Chroma Prime is live now, here’s how to get it

Warframe’s latest prime skin, Chroma Prime, is live in the game now. A reconstruction of an “ancient legend”, Chroma Prime is “a powerful Warframe capable of altering his damage output by changing his energy colour.”

Those energies can include fire, ice, electricity, and poison, offering the so-called “elemental lord of ruin” a variety of attacks for any combat scenario.

Prime gear – whether Warframes or weapons – represents the long-lost high technology of Warframe’s Orokin Era. As such, it both looks and performs better than its mundane counterparts. Chroma Prime will be the 22nd Prime Warframe, and you can get to play with it by joining the game’s Prime Access programme. On a rotating basis, Prime Access serves up the latest Prime gear, and you can choose from several price points and bundles. Given that Warframe is otherwise free-to-play, the Prime Access programme is one of its key monetisation systems.

Unlocking Chroma Prime access will get you a set of Chroma Prime glyphs, and the Prime versions of the Rubico sniper rifle and Gram greatsword. Chroma Prime also comes with its own set of accessories: the Imugi Prime Armour and the Impetus Prime Syandana, as well as 90-day credit and affinity boosters.

For more on the Prime Access programme, check out this FAQ, or browse its current rotation. The Banish pack gets you the weapons only, and will cost you 1050 Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency. That works out at £32.99 GBP. The Stasis pack adds Chroma Prime itself, and is 2625 Platinum (£52.49 GBP). The Cataclysm pack then adds the accessories too, and is 3990 Platinum, or £91.99. You can also earn these items free through Warframe’s in-game Relic hunting system, but strap in for a lengthy grind.

In related news, Warframe’s coming Fortuna expansion is its latest major content drop. We still don’t have a precise Warframe Fortuna release date, but you’ll find everything else we know about it so far – including its story, details of its funky hoverboards, and a few trailers to watch – at that link.

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