Warzone Bug Traps Players Using Buy Stations

Call of Duty: Warzone players have found a bug involving Buy Stations that causes people to get trapped under or on one of the structures after they get done using it. After you get stuck, you’re totally unable to move unless you’ve got someone around to help you out. The bug isn’t one that’s affecting players every time they try to shop at a Buy Station, but it appears to be happening frequently enough that there are multiple instances of it shared online for others to see.

The bug appears to affect players using Buy Stations regardless of if they’re laying prone or not, though since everyone pretty much either crouches or lays prone when they’re using one anyway, it’s hard to determine the exact circumstances causing the bug. Sometimes players get stuck underneath the Buy Station and can’t move at all when prone while other times they’re stuck in a crouched position and can rotate their view but not actually move their character.

Two examples of the bug showing both perspectives can be seen below courtesy of Redditors ssuxbryan and no-please420 who shared their clips online.

Fix the damn buy stations! from r/CODWarzone

Apparently you can get stuck in the buy station at airport from r/CODWarzone

Other players chimed in within the comments to say they’d had the same issues happen to them in the past. People pointed out different Buy Stations that it’d happened at until it became evident that you can pretty much get stuck on any Buy Station you use.

Downing yourself and using a self-revive to reset your character seems like it’d be a viable option given that you’re already at a Buy Station anyway, but as you can see from the second video, that won’t get you unstuck either. Players have found one solution to the problem, but it only works if you’ve got some friends with you. If one of your teammates hops into a vehicle and runs into you, they can apparently push you out so that you won’t be stuck anymore. If you don’t have a teammate nearby, it sounds like you’re out of luck until the bug is fixed.

The Buy Station bug does not appear to be one of the problems acknowledged through the Trello board that tracks Warzone and Modern Warfare bugs, but as Infinity Ward pointed out on the page, the list there isn’t exhaustive.

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