Waverunner D.Va and footballer Reinhardt join the Overwatch Summer Games this week

Blizzard have revealed that this year’s Overwatch Summer Games will kick off this Thursday, August 9, and will run until August 30.  

The developer also showed off two new Legendary summer skins for Reinhardt and D.Va which will be available during the event. Reinhardt gets an excellent American football uniform skin nicknamed ‘Gridironhardt’, and pilot D.Va gets some jet ski wave running gear – along with a flowery blue Waveracer version of her mech.

It’s not yet known exactly what modes will feature in the Overwatch Summer Games 2018, but the teaser image that accompanies its announcement suggests that the 3-on-3 soccer-style Lucioball will be back – possibly with some changes, if last year’s event is anything to go by.

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There’s no word yet on how much these new Legendary skins will cost, but those at 2017’s Summer Games cost 3000 Gold – which is the standard amount for new skins in Overwatch events, so expect it to be around the same price. 

It’s very probable that Blizzard will reveal more skins, cosmetics and items coming to the event throughout the week – and presumably what game modes will feature, too. Personally we’re hoping for a new summer-themed Wrecking Ball that turns Hammond’s signature sphere into a giant inflatable beach ball. Knowing Blizzard’s quirky sense of humour that’s probably not far off what we’re actually going to get…


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