“We’ll Always Back New IP,” Says Senior Vice President of SIE Worldwide Studios

Sony’s PS4 was the platform for several new and exciting IPs that performed tremendously well and received critical acclaim. Senior Vice President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Michael Denny, was featured in a recent interview with VG247 where he revealed the company “will always back” and support innovative new ideas by providing them a platform.

It’s interesting that at this stage in the life cycle we’ve got big new IPs, triple A IPs, to come, with Ghost of Tsushima, and games like Days Gone as well. We’ll always back new IP. But what we’ll say is well, we’re gonna be smart about how we develop those games and make sure we have a strong pre-production process and really prove out the key elements of those games along the way. But doing new IPs and trying to create new genres is something we’ll always back.

He continued to mention that this is how Sony operates in general, and they like supporting upcoming studios with original ideas.

I think Worldwide Studios has always operated in that way. We want to encourage studios to come up with exciting, innovative, great, high quality ideas.

What is your favourite new IP released in 2017?


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