Where to Buy or Pre-Order a Dumpster Fire Light-Up Vinyl Figure

Dumpster Fire Light-Up Vinyl Figure | $28 | Entertainment Earth

If you’re looking for that one ornament to perfectly encapsulate this shitshow of a year, 100 Percent Soft has the biggest mood up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. For $28, you can display this endearing Dumpster Fire trinket, complete with an LED flickering touch-activated flame, to lovingly admire while toiling away at your desk. While three triple-A batteries are required to light the garbage fire, it self-extinguishes after sitting idle for about an hour. Standing 5 inches tall and 5.25 inches wide, the vinyl toy isn’t quite small enough to fit on a keychain but won’t occupy too much space on your shelf either.

Pre-orders ship early next year, just in time to forget about this one. Or let this handsome little nugget consciously remind you every day how much it sucked—hopefully in comparison by January*. Shipping will set you back an extra $7 for the USPS economy option, or you can shell out $30 to overnight it with FedEx.

*Don’t count on it!

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