‘Wild West’ searches are up 745% on Pornhub thanks to Red Dead Redemption 2

In a trend that bespeaks the optimism and determination of the discerning seeker of pornography, searches for “Red Dead Redemption” on Pornhub are up 731%, with related search terms up as much as 745%.

No one is making Red Dead Redemption porn (this isn’t an invitation to do so), so searching for same on Pornhub produces only the trailer – though its uploader seems to think it’s titillating enough to belong on a porn site. This is doubtless the reason why those whose sexual tastes are influenced by bestselling games of the moment proceed, undeterred, to search for related terms: ‘western’ is up 489%, ‘cowboy’ is up 189%, and ‘wild west’ is up a whopping 745%, all from October 25 to 28.

Pornhub goes on to say that men are “proportionately 1165% more likely” to search for ‘red dead’ than women, and millennials between 18 and 34 are 93% more likely to do so compared with those over 35.

If you’re thirsty for more – data, that is – you can check out the insights from Pornhub here. Extraordinarily, it’s safe for work.

Developments in gaming have affected those on Pornhub for some time now, with Overwatch character reveals, Fortnite season launches, and even Fortnite server outages all disrupting traffic and search trends on the internet’s leading repository of titillating material. But then we suppose this is nothing to get too surprised about, given the likely overlap in demographics.

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