World War Z Dev Discusses Different Zombie Types and Boss Zombies

During E3 2018, Saber Interactive revealed their latest project, a four-player co-operative zombie survival title based on the World War Z franchise. The gameplay we saw during E3 felt relatively satisfying with quick-fire action, zombie hordes falling down from buildings, jumping over furniture to get to you and several other intense moments.

World War Z Designers Oliver Hollis-Leick and Craig Sherman sat down with WCCFTech to discuss several aspects of the game’s development. One of them was the different types of zombies available in the game and how unique each one will be.

Sherman: What you didn’t see during the demo was the Bull, who’s just what he sounds like — he’s a massive guy in armor. I don’t know how many shots he takes, it takes all four teammates hammering on him. He will grab you and kill you unless your teammates come in and help you. You also have the screamers, lurkers, the creepers, which are the guys that jump out of nowhere, the hazmat suit guys that slime you. When zombies go down, sometimes they’ll crawl along the ground and grab your feet.

Hollis-Leick: Even the main swarm zombies have different sizes and different properties. They come in different speeds and so on.

In addition to that, when asked whether there was any “boss” zombies per se, Hollis-Leick said there isn’t. However, he continued to explain how once zombies stack up in hordes of hundreds, they act as if they are a single zombie.

Hollis-Leick: Not exactly. What we really like about the game is the idea that the hordes actually behave like a single creature when you get enough zombies together. So, rather than a boss, we have that. As you go through the game, the hordes get harder and harder. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a frozen river in Moscow with massive hordes coming down from the Kremlin.

Check out World War Z’s reveal trailer below.

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