Xbox One X Predicated To Surpass 600K Sales By End Of 2017

Initially, NPD Group analyst Mat Piscatella announced his predictions regarding Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One X, stating that the console will likely hit 600K sales by the end of the year.

Now Piscatella has stated that the console may surpass this number by year end. Piscatella noted that despite predicting 600,000 units for 2017, he felt that Microsoft would “blow past that” due to the number of units being manufactured.

Piscatella also noted that all 3 consoles are most likely performing just as well as each other, whereby the case of one being a leader over the other doesn’t really matter.

“Yeah I keep trying to think of ways to how I can write the notes that emphasizes everyone doing well (which is my current assumption, but who knows). If all 3 consoles have spectacular months, from a market perspective does it really matter which one sells a few units more than the others? No, but if I don’t note the leader then everyone loses their minds.”

In terms of Black Friday, both Microsoft and Sony saw “phenomenal” performance due to the vast amount of sales. Piscatella believes November will be a “big month” for games as a whole. Nintendo on the other hand, doesn’t share sale data with NPD group making it slightly harder to predict.

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