Xbox One X Will Load Games 22-44% Faster Than The Xbox One

With the Xbox One X just two days away from launch, fans have been clammering on for just about any news they can find to justify the purchase of Microsoft’s latest console. Most recently, we’ve learned that the Xbox One X has been confirmed to load games 22-44% faster than the standard Xbox One.

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft recently took to Twitter, depicting a review by True Achievements, which showcases that the Xbox One X will load games faster than the Xbox One by a fairly significant amount.

These load times all represent the time it takes to get to the main menu after booting the game without skipping any of the cutscenes. Forza Motorsport 7 loads 26.9% quicker on the Xbox One X than it does on the Xbox One, while Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is similarly improved at 27.6%. Life is Strange loads 22.6% faster as well.

Limbo, however, leads the pack, depicting a massive 44.4% increase in load time compared to the Xbox One.

An increase in load speed is a definite selling point for the console, especially considering many games such as GTA V and most recently Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 take up quite a bit of precious gaming time to start-up. That being said, considering the Xbox One X’s 499$ price tag an increase in load speed better be a given.

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