xQc talks fallout from his Overwatch League release – “Everyone was scared of me”

Earlier this year, Overwatch League player Félix “xQc” Lengyel was released from Dallas Fuel, following multiple suspensions and fines for toxic behaviour. Lengyel turned to full-time streaming afterward, but despite a brief boost in viewer count he suggests the OWL experience was a net negative for his career.

After his release, Lengyel says “The orgs didn’t like me anymore. They cut communication with me. Twitch didn’t like me – at all.” He adds “Everyone was scared of me. I was like a monster. I was just streaming, and nobody would talk to me. It was like I was like a leper.”

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Immediately following his turn to full-time streaming, Lengyel saw a significant boost in viewer count (roughly 1,000 extra sets of eyes), but the benefits didn’t last long-term. “Even though we might have had more viewers – for like a month we had plus one figure or something like that – it was really hard to come back from there.”

Lengyel comments that “people say ‘Overwatch League jump-pushed my career.’ That’s not true at all.”

These comments come from Lengyel’s Twitch stream, as noted by Dexerto. You can watch Lengyel’s statement for yourself below.

Back in January, Lengyel was fined $2,000 and suspended for four games after a homophobic insult against an openly gay player on an opposing team. Lengyel apologized via Twitter immediately afterward, but landed back in hot water two months later when he made use of a Twitch emote with strong racial connotations. That led to a $4,000 fine and further suspension – until two days later, when Lengyel was released from the Fuel.


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