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Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair: All TWIT Coin Locations | Alternate Chapters 11-20

Get all 200 TWIT Coins with the last ten levels of Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair. These tricky final stages up the challenge, so you’ll have to be extra vigilant to find all the hidden TWIT Coins just laying around. Like before, there are 5 TWIT Coins per level, and each coin unlocks extra areas of the map. At this point, you’ll have all the levels unlocked — but Trowser still wants a few coins from you.

Here’s where you’ll have to start preparing for the Impossible Lair itself. The final level of the game is a challenging slog, with three boss fights and three long level sections you have to complete all on one life. There are no checkpoints, no power-ups, and no ways to recover Laylee if she’s lost. It takes a lot of practice to complete, and even if you’ve completed every level, you just might need all 40 bonus hits.

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All TWIT Coin Locations | Alternate Chapters 11-20

Twit Coins are collectibles that you’ll need to unlock new sections of the map. There are 200 total — and you’ll need them all to open every single paywall.

Alternate Chapter 11: Conveyor Chaos – Crosswire

  • Coin #1: Buddy Stomp down through the hatch at the start to find a bomb and use it on the coin cage to the left of the spawn point.
  • Coin #2: At the red buzzsaws with the three platforms, there’s a ghost quill you need to complete.
  • Coin #3: At the spinning windmill platforms, find it high above the first one. Use the higher second one to reach it.
  • Coin #4: Found above a checkpoint before the spinning cog wheels.
  • Coin #5: In a crate behind the stage exit.

Alternate Chapter 12: Buzzsaw Falls – Frozen

  • Coin #1: At the top of the ice waterfall.
  • Coin #2: Through the first green door, jump over the buzzsaw to the left.
  • Coin #3: Above the spinning gears with ice-spikes on the platforms.
  • Coin #4: Above the green door at the end of the section. Jump on the rolling snowballs to reach it.
  • Coin #5: At the top of the falling buzzsaw trap area.

Alternate Chapter 13: Cliffside Quest – Cold

  • Coin #1: Go through the green door to the right of the starting point. Near the end of the path, go right of the purple door.
  • Coin #2: Found through the green door in the tower to the left of the starting point. To reach it, you’ll need to lure an enemy down.
  • Coin #3: Go through the door above the ice ramp. At the top of the moving platform challenge, duck under the ice.
  • Coin #4: Past the Coin #1 door, there’s another green door further right. Underwater, go through the wall in the lower-left.
  • Coin #5: Through the upper-right door. In the ice-room, grab a bomb and blast open the coin cage.

Alternate Chapter 14: Hazard Hanger – Hung

  • Coin #1: At the fork where you can drop down, just jump up and across the wall of turning spiked platforms.
  • Coin #2: Go through the two pistons to the left of a checkpoint.
  • Coin #3: Look for a Buddy Stomp hatch ahead. Dropping down onto a platform in a secret area, jump right to get the coin.
  • Coin #4: Reaching a pool of green slime with turning spiked platforms, climb up to the upper platform.
  • Coin #5: Inside the airship with the homing rocket turrets, go to the back and only smash a few crates to reach it.

Alternate Chapter 15: Turbine Trouble – Tidal

  • Coin #1: Through a few green doors, you’ll drop down and reach a hatch above water. Jump on one of the bouncing enemies to roll-attack and smash through the crates hidden to the left.
  • Coin #2: Past the hall of spinning saws, swim down and look at the bottom-left for a secret alcove entrance.
  • Coin #3: Just past the next checkpoint, swim up past the cog wheels. In the upper-left corner, there’s a tiny hole that leads to a challenge path.
  • Coin #4: Above the next checkpoint there’s a coin cage. Grab a bomb from the upper-left corner.
  • Coin #5: Dive into the water past the level exit.

Alternate Chapter 16: Queasy Quay – Climb

  • Coin #1: Launch from the cannon, then ride the rope up. Jump into the water pool to the right to find a coin crate in the lower-right corner.
  • Coin #2: In the underwater chase sequence. Find it on the left — smash the crate and grab it before you get chopped up by the buzzsaws.
  • Coin #3: After the next checkpoint, you’ll easily spot it up the auto-ropes. Bounce off the three laser drones to reach it.
  • Coin #4: Right at the next checkpoint, go right and smash the stack of crates.
  • Coin #5: Before the exit, in a forest-y alcove on the lower-left.

Alternate Chapter 17: Boom-Boom Blast – Breakthrough

  • Coin #1: Past the spinning gold quills, you’ll land on a platform with a rope floor. Drop down to the right to get shot into a secret room.
  • Coin #2: At the moving cannon. You’ll need to drop into it, then roll back and grab the coin while landing in the cannon — too early and you’ll be shot back out.
  • Coin #3: Through the green door, in the coin bonus game. Shoot the cannon in the center to get enough height.
  • Coin #4: At the spinning cannon maze, go down-left until you find an alternate path leading to the coin.
  • Coin #5: At the end, jump off the conveyor cannon and into a separate cannon on crumbling floors / bramble.

Alternate Chapter 18: Pumping Plant – Powered

  • Coin #1: To the left of the starting area, there’s a secret wall you can jump through behind the wheel.
  • Coin #2: On the cog wheel beneath a pretty low ceiling, jump up into the secret room.
  • Coin #3: You can’t miss it. Surrounded by flying bots — bring a bomb to blast a hole in the group.
  • Coin #4: Wait on a spinning cog wheel with two flying drone robots above. Eventually the wheel will turn and reveal a coin.
  • Coin #5: A very, very tricky jump right before the end, under the last platform. Get the triple jump tonic to make this much easier.

Alternate Chapter 19: Scareship Shootout – Smoggy

  • Coin #1: On the airship, go through the bottom green door. On the spinning windmill platforms, you’ll find this coin.
  • Coin #2: At the bottom-right corner of the ship, floating on a cloud.
  • Coin #3: There’s a secret alcove in the top-right corner of the spaceship. Go through the green door to find this coin on windmill platforms.
  • Coin #4: After going through a green door to reach the back of the ship, climb down the ropes to find this coin past a laser bot.
  • Coin #5: From the previous coin, climb up and roll through the three laser beams. Keep going left to find a hidden passage.

Alternate Chapter 20: Scareship Scroll – Docked

  • Coin #1: Behind a cage beneath the purple door. Grab a bomb earlier to blast it free.
  • Coin #2: At the two cargo bundles that drop, reach the second one then go left into the room with the coin and spinning robots.
  • Coin #3: When you reach the rope lattice, keep going right and jump on the cargo platforms to reach this coin.
  • Coin #4: When you reach the green door, don’t open it — instead, avoid the marching enemies and lure them right so you can bounce off them to reach a coin.
  • Coin #5: Behind a gate to the left of the level exit. Grab a bomb from a crate to the right of the level exit.


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