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NuclearCoffee android app / Announcement (app updated please redownload)

As always you can download our android app for the website directly from google play and have it just automatically update there.  However, I know that there are some people out there who would just prefer to not have to deal with the hassle of google play so with that in mind we are offering a download of our apk here on the site.   We will regularly update it here as well as on google play so now that gives us a second area to have it become available. read more


How different are Age of Empires 4’s civs? We found out

The Age of Empires 4 X019 trailer gave us our first good look at the upcoming RTS game and two of its playable factions – the English and the Mongols. We know there will be a “wide spectrum” of AoE4 civilizations, from familiar to very different, but the question is, how many civs will play like those in previous Age games – and how many will be radical departures? The answer is: it varies. read more

Hacker News

New PlunderVolt Attack Targets Intel SGX Enclaves by Tweaking CPU Voltage

A team of cybersecurity researchers demonstrated a novel yet another technique to hijack Intel SGX, a hardware-isolated trusted space on modern Intel CPUs that encrypts extremely sensitive data to shield it from attackers even when a system gets compromised.

Dubbed Plundervolt and tracked as CVE-2019-11157, the attack relies on the fact that modern processors allow frequency and voltage to be adjusted when needed, which, according to researchers, can be modified in a controlled way to induce errors in the memory by flipping bits. read more

Hacker News

Latest Microsoft Update Patches New Windows 0-Day Under Active Attack

With its latest and last Patch Tuesday for 2019, Microsoft is warning billions of its users of a new Windows zero-day vulnerability that attackers are actively exploiting in the wild in combination with a Chrome exploit to take remote control over vulnerable computers. read more