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『Michaela Reacts』Spiderman 2 Trailer – Playstation Showcase 2023

What on Earth is Sony and friends up to?

#VTuber #PlaystationShowcase

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4 months ago

Messing with Arkham Batman is one thing. But messing with BLACK SUIT BATMAN?! Yeah, just accept death.

4 months ago

This was the only reason i watched the showcase

4 months ago

It’s just called the black suit when it’s on Peter Parker but when it’s on Harry or Eddie it’s venom

4 months ago

I mean, it kinda has to bond with Peter first. That’s how it goes. It bonds with Peter, gets pissed off when Peter rejects it, bonds with someone else and becomes Venom.

Venom is known for having abilities similar to Peter’s and for being invisible to his Spider-Sense. The reason? Because it copied traits from Peter.

4 months ago

Peter is basically venom he just has venoms symbiote

4 months ago

The symbiote is not called Venom, it only refers to itself as Venom when bonded with Eddie Brock. Venom will be in the game so Pete will leave the symbiote at some point in the game and it will find its way to Eddie

4 months ago

I love you michalea been a fan for a very long time jist wanted to say :3

4 months ago

I’m looking forward to what J. Jonah Jameson has to say for all this. I love listening to him talk. ^^

4 months ago

8:58 umm aunt may died in the first spider-man game

4 months ago

The subtitles are not accurate at all

4 months ago

I love your voice

4 months ago

great video Michaela as always