10 Best LEGO Christmas Sets Of 2021

LEGO have been creating some of the best LEGO Christmas sets that we’ve seen in a long time, and 2021 has probably been their best yet in terms of sales. A wide number of new sets has come to fruition ready for families and friends to get collaborating this Christmas.

Many of the sets have secret features, some come with over 1,000 pieces and others are targeted towards the LEGO collectors out there.

So if you’re looking to pick up a festive set this year, then you’ve came to the right place. We’e put together a list going over the best LEGO Christmas sets of the year!

1. Santa’s Visit (10293)

Santa’s visit is by far one of the best LEGO Christmas sets of the year, and it’s the biggest too, coming in at 1445 pieces, with 4 mini figures, and a bunch of really cool features.

One of the mini figures is Santa and this set allows you to slide Santa down the chimney and into the living room near the presents!

This set is targeted towards adults due to the large amount of pieces and a variety of intricate detailing on the inside. This set features a whole house, inside and out, with light up Christmas Trees, a dining table to fit the family and even a post man out the front who delivers your gifts!

2. Christmas Wreath 2-In-1 (40426)

LEGO Christmas Wreath

One of the best LEGO Christmas sets of 2021 is this 2-in-1 Christmas Wreath which can be attached to your door, or it can be a centre piece on your dining room table. This is sure to spark a conversation!

This set comes in at just over 500 pieces making it easy to build for young children, teenagers and adults. While it comes with no hidden features it does come with extra pieces allowing you to configure it your preference.

For example, when you build for a door, you can attach ribbon at the top of the wreath, this ribbon can then be taken apart to make the table mode more desirable.

And like any wreath on your dining room, it needs candles! So LEGO has added a handful of candles for you to customise your wreath, and they also give you the choice to put them in any section you please!

3. Elf Club House (10275)

lego elf clubhouse

The Elf Club House is another fairly large Christmas set, with over 1,100 pieces, all that connect to make an incredible Elf getaway, with a full blown chimney, an adorable present making station and a few bunk beds for when the elves finally get done making all of these presents!

With this set you get 4 mini figure elves, it comes with a little light up section, a full blown reindeer, and even a waffle maker towards the bottom of the chimney.

This build will be tricky for younger LEGO fans and is recommended for those older than 12, due to the large piece numbers and awkward pieces to connect.

Our favourite section has to be the elves bunk beds. When 3 of your mini figure elves are asleep you can twist the clock which nudges them out of bad and onto the floor!

4. Marvel The Avengers Advent Calendar (76196)

lego avengers advent calendar

It wouldn’t be Christmas without having one of the best LEGO Christmas sets inside of an advent calendar, right?

These miniature sets in advent calendar form are exploding in popularity due to their fun, randomised nature, and the affordable price tag of just £24.99. it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

This set is specifically about the Avengers, so you’ll find a number of exclusive mini figures, tiny characters from the popular movies and even a few easter eggs that we don’t want to spoil.

This set not only intrigues the younger audience, but the adults who have watched every single Marvel movie too!

5. Pickup Truck (10290)

lego pickup truck

Take a trip back to the 1950’s with this brand new LEGO Set that depicts an old school pick up truck in the winter.

This is one of the best LEGO Christmas sets for adults who like their automotive vehicles. It comes with over 1,600 pieces, detachable parts, opening doors, extra add ons and a load more.

It measures over 33cm long, features small Christmas extras like a gift on the passenger seat and a wreath which can be attached to the front or back of the pick up truck.

You can also open up the bonnet to take a closer look at the incredible detail that has gone into this set. There’s not many pick ups throughout Europe so this is probably going to be a popular set amongst our American and Australian readers.

6. Hogwarts Icons – Collectors Edition (76391)

hogwarts icons lego set

This is the most expensive set on our best LEGO Christmas sets list, and that’s for good reason. This is one of the new “Hogwarts Icons” sets that was released towards the end of 2021 alongside many of the other sets featured in this article.

This set showcases some of the main items, icon and accessories through the Harry Potter franchise. For example, it allows you to build a giant Headwig, Harry’s spectacles, potions, chocolate frogs, wands, books and even the golden snitch!

With over 3,000 pieces and 3 golden mini figures (that are sure to learn in the collectors) this makes it one of the coolest and most sought after LEGO sets for Harry Potter lovers.

This is a big piece, but it’s also small enough to display in normal sized rooms, bedrooms and even nerdy offices.

We love it.

7. Christmas Penguin (40498)

Here’s a perfect for set for those of you that are looking for sets to buy younger Children who want to get into the festive spirit.

This set only costs £14.99 and features 244 pieces. This sounds like a lot but it’s not, this should be an easy, yet challenging build for the ages of 6 – 10, and looks nice as an ornament once finished.

The Penguin comes with a little base that features snowflakes, presents and a little Christmas tree with a start on top. It stands 12cm tall which makes it a nice addition to the children’s bedrooms.

Easy, cheap and effective, it’s the perfect little gift for creators!

8. Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar (76390)

Just like the Anvengers advent calendar, Lego has decided to launch a Harry Potter advent calendar to go alongside it and it’s filled with 24 unique gifts that come in adorable little daily packages.

Harry Potter seem to have a advent calendar out every year, but 2021 probably brings the best one yet!

In this set you will find 6 exclusive Harry Potter Mini figures, nods at cinematic moments, letters, owls, food, potions and two random magical wizard card tiles that have never been in a set before.

This is a great gift for those that like a gift that keeps on giving for the whole 24 days.

9. Winter Village Market (10235)

winter village market lego

If you want to go all out this Christmas with the best LEGO Christmas set, it has to be last years Winter Village Market. What makes this set so good, and so wanted is the fact it comes with a bunch of smaller sized builds, all wrapped into an awesome winter market.

It’s a fun, easy build that is recommended for ages above 12, and comes with 1,261 pieces, all in different shapes and sizes.

These are fairly hard to get hold of now, because many Lego collectors wanted it to add to their “City” sets, because of the tiny displays that can be added to other LEGO worlds.

It has 9 different mini-figures, a number of Christmas stalls and a huge merry-go-round which makes this such an awesome festive set.

It allows multiple builders to get involved too, allowing one family member to build one part, and then pass it one. This is why it’s on our list because it’s one of the best collaborative sets in this article.

10. Winter Snowball Fight (40424)

lego snowball fight

To round off our best LEGO Christmas sets article, we’re featuring a cheap, and impactful set that can be loved by all ages and for only £11.99.

This is the Winter Snowball Fight set that features two mini figures, a snowmobile, a dog, and some other cool designs with just 149 pieces.

It’s simple, has the Christmas spirit and is the perfect little stocking filler for a boy or a girl.

So, there’s a look at our top 10 best LEGO Christmas sets of 2021, ready for you to use as a guide for your upcoming gift buying session!

If that interested you, you should check out the world’s smallest games console which is actually smaller than a LEGO mini figure!

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